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Grindr and HIV Testing

It's so amazing sometimes, this technologically-surrounded world we live in. Grindr, which is a "dating" app for gay men (dating is in quotes because most men use it to find a sex partner nearest to them), has been used for YEARS by gay men. The question that researchers thought up was how to use an extremely popular app like Grindr to get men to get tested for HIV. Is it possible?

Well it turns out that yes, not only does it work in getting men to get tested, but it works exceptionally well because of the home testing option. "Researchers offered free access to these HIV home test kits through banner ads and full-screen notifications on Grindr." How easy is testing at home?!?! Clearly much easier and more comfortable than going to a clinic.

"The study's website received 4,389 unique visits over four weeks and 333 test kit requests." This is a big deal you guys. That is a pretty large amount of test kit requests for individuals who are using an app to specifically look for sex partners, maybe even anonymous, stranger sex.

We need more innovative ways to help ensure that sexually active people get the testing and care they need, as well as the information they need to prevent bad things from happening as a result of sex. What other great ideas are out there? What other creative ways can we think of to get this type of mission across?

Keep those fresh ideas coming people.

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