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SECS Services

Please read through the services I offer. I am happy to discuss details regarding specifics for each service, including information related to travel and lodging. When you are interested in booking, please email me at to get started!


1-on-1 Sessions

This service is tailored to your individual educational needs and questions around sexuality and sexual health. This option is perfect for parents looking for information and advice on how to have the sex talk with their children, individuals wanting more information on personal or relationship sexuality concerns, or conversations with minors while parents are present. Each session is one hour.

This is not a substitute for medical advice nor will medical advice be given. At the end of the sessions, I will provide further resources, like articles, books, podcasts, or next steps to improve your sexual health journey.


Lesson Plan Review

This service is specifically targeted to educational institutions, K-12 and university-level courses. If you are struggling to select an age-appropriate curriculum or individual lesson plan(s) that also meet state-level requirements, this service is perfect. I will do the foundational research, select material, and provide recommendations for next steps. 

Due to differences in policies and regulations, this service requires lead-time for me to do the research necessary to ensure that lesson plans and/or curriculums meet your students' needs and also provide age-appropriate, and accurate information regarding sexual health.


I will not recommend any material that is solely religious-based or any that includes political influence as that goes against public health ethical behavior. 



If you have a pre-selected curriculum or lesson plan identified but are unsure of how to prepare your instructors to teach the material, I offer train-the-trainer sessions. This service includes a brief needs assessment, review of the instructional material, development of training materials for the instructors, and 1-3 hour-long training sessions. Additional training sessions cost $250 each.

These training sessions include helpful information on facilitation skills, handling difficult conversations, assessing personal biases, managing classroom interactions, and how to teach sensitive information like sexual health while remaining professional and impartial. This service can also be paired with the Curriculum Review service.


Lead Educator

If you need an educator to implement curriculum or lesson plans for your institution, select this service. I will implement the material you have selected with utmost fidelity and integrity, and will provide data to help you make informed decisions to help your students meet their optimal sexual health. This includes pre-/post-surveys and impact evaluations to assess whether learning outcomes were met and if student needs are being met.

The cost for this service is dependent on the length of the curriculum or how many lesson plans are scheduled, location, number of students, and travel. 


Keynote Speaker

If you are looking for a dynamic, engaging, and passionate public speaker, this service is for you. I can tailor any presentation to meet the needs of the audience and learning objectives for the conference or meeting. I always include multiple engagement points and captivating visuals to keep your audience hooked.

Select this service if you are looking to fill a 1 to 2-hour speaking slot in your upcoming meeting. The cost includes presentation development, travel, and lodging.

There are specific services I do NOT offer, such as:

  • Counseling

  • Therapy

  • Medication

  • Medical Evaluation

  • Medical Advice

I will give referrals anytime I deem it necessary. However, if there is something you're looking for that is not offered here, email me and we can chat. When you are interested in booking, please email me at to get started!

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