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Teaching Children about Pleasure

So this is an older article, but so much of it still applies to our lives today and how (and when) we decide to talk to our children about sex. For many of us, we learned about sex in a very clinical, medical way, whether it was in school or at home (or at all!). Trying to talk to our kids in a clinical, medical way when some of us are not medical professionals or scientists is very daunting, especially because...what if our child asks us something we don't know the answer to??

Because of this fear, many people just forego the talk all together. (And really, it's TALKS not talk. You need to have multiple discussions as they age to discuss things that are age appropriate, like dating, abusive behaviors, the body, etc.)

But what if we didn't talk about sex like medical professionals? What if we talked about sex like we do in real life? Like how it feels good? And that's why most people do it? What would be the harm in telling our children that?

Well in reality, little harm would be done! In fact, studies show that most children want to talk to their parents about sex and actually trust their parents the most. So start the trust early and be honest! They will come back to you from there on out to discuss the things that bother them, the things they have questions about, and will most likely keep you in the loop during times you DEFINITELY need to know what's going on (like helping with birth control whenever they want to have sex).

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